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DISRUPT365 Transformational Coaching

Disrupt Your Limits
To Break Barriers

Lean Into Your 

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A Message From Dr. Matisa Wilbon

Hey, Y’all! 

Thanks for showing up for yourself. I created this coaching program with you in mind! Do you feel like there is more to you than this? Do you have goals that you know are inspired by God but you haven’t achieved them, yet? Do you feel blocked by your own thinking and/or behaviors? Maybe folks have said things to or about you that made you second guess your gifts. Maybe there are external barriers that have held you in place for years. Well, it’s time for a shift! I am here to help you DISRUPT all of those things. In this program I show you how to identify and disrupt thinking and behaviors that have been holding you back. You will be empowered to remove blockages to your God-given purpose. Your voice will be amplified and you will become a leader worth following. Are you ready to DISRUPT365 days of 2024? I sure am. Let’s go! 


Lead DisruptHer, 

Dr. Matisa Wilbon 

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DisruptHer Network is a community of women who are not satisfied with the status quo. They cross generations of educational ranks and come from all walks of life. They have in common the desire to lead from an empowered place as well as to empower others. Related, DISRUPT365 is a transformational coaching program for women who are committed to:

1). DISmantling and DISrupting negative internal thoughts and external barriers,

2). Rebuilding inclusive and empowering spaces,

3). Utilizing support systems to move forward,

4). Praying as a pathway to alignment with purpose

5). Teaching others as a way to pay it forward.

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How To Discover Your Purpose

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Your Lead Disrupt(H)er


Dr. Matisa's mission is to help you ignite your passion, pursue your purpose, and walk in power!

  • Doctorate degree in Sociology from The Ohio State University

  • 12 years teaching as a full time sociology professor 

  • 20 years teaching at the University level

  • Researches and develops curriculum in the areas of women's empowerment, etc.

  • 10 years researching and facilitating diversity and equity curriculum-including gender equity. 

  • 15+ years facilitating leadership training for college students and speaking for women's leadership groups. 

  • 10 years conducting ministerial training and church leadership development for churches. 

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 Latashia Renee

Wilmington, NC

"The wisdom and knowledge that I gained from DHU was LIFE CHANGING. When I think back to the person I was before I entered DHU, I can honestly say that my life has done a complete 180. No longer do I wonder if I belong, why I was created, or if my presence matters."

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